Why we're here

Driven by both industry needs and a need to create opportunities and pathways for high school students, recent graduates and adults who have a desire to learn new skills and enter the workforce in new and exciting sectors, it is time that we look at a way that industry and education can partner to make a difference for a large population of students and bring economic diversity to our region, from Aspen to De Beque and beyond.

  • 54 students from Yampah Mountain High School have entered construction trades like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and welding over the last five years.  32 of those students are still active in their field.  
  • 12 students from Yampah Mountain High School graduated with construction trade certifications in 2021.  
  • Internship business partners just reached 63 at the end of 2021.
  • In the 2021 – 2022 school year, 62 students are currently participating in five pathways including cyber security, construction, digital media, construction trades and pre-engineering.  
  • 10 teachers are currently being sponsored to finish career technical education certifications.  
  • Over 100 online modules are available through EPIC’s partnership with Colorado Digital Learning Solutions.  

Meeting the need, together

With an collaborative effort between communities, educators and industry, we can begin to shape the economic vitality of our region, provide all students with a pathway to prosperity and solve critical needs in housing, environment and employment.

“We’re right there at the silver tsunami, where the baby boomers are starting to retire and have been, but it’s going to be picking up. Not only will we need to replace the existing workforce but we need to grow it, because there’s growth in the region.”
Carolyn Tucker
Colorado Workforce
“The influx of people coming into Colorado is 2,000 a week. That’s 50 apartments a week that need to be built.”
David Little
Gallegos Construction
“College is not for everyone but a career should be.”
Mike Lowe


Teacher of the Year

Ana Poe

Basalt High School


Industry of the Year

ANEW Energy

Glenwood Springs


Student of the Year

Blake Hartley

Yampa Mountain High School

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