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The Educational Pathways to Innovative Careers has opportunities that educate our community about the work that we are doing and the part they can play in it.

Local Programs

Join a program and explore a career!

The BOCES currently offers programs in Cyber Security, Construction trades, Digital Media, and Pre-Engineering.  This fall, we will be adding programs in Coding, Automotive and Construction.  We work with partner schools to support programs that integrate into their curriculum through clubs, capstone projects and classes.


Become a member of our internship program and help launch a student to success.

The BOCES has a growing internship pool of over 50 businesses. We work with partner schools and industry to facilitate internships that are linked to industry certifications and hands-on experience required to enter the workforce.

Teacher Training

Become a CTE Teacher!

The BOCES will pay for teachers to get certified to teach Career Technical Education classes. Join the growing number of teachers and school who support alternative pathways for high school students.


Become a Donor!

We are actively raising money and seeking partnerships to launch the Career Center. We have received just over $500k in grants and donations. We need to get to $3M by the end of 2022. Be a part of our Phase 1 raise which will provide operational support for 5 years for career pathways.

Phase 1 Fundraising Goals

$3M helps support

  •  Implementation, will help sustain teacher training and career technical education pathways for the next five years.
  •  Robust programming in advanced manufacturing, construction, construction trades, automotive, cyber security, agriculture, data science, and other programs across nine high schools on the western slope.
  •  Career counseling and internship support
  •  Industry partnerships, equipment, materials and any other resources required to support pathways.
  •  Business operations including program management, marketing, compliance, space coordination, and industry coordination.

Know more about our community!

Working with community for opportunities, sponsorships, Fund raising goals